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How do I get closer to the Lord?

You'll come closer to the Lord because we will pray together to invite His Spirit. The Holy Spirit of God helps us and speaks the truth of things to us. Through him, one can feel the love of God. 

You will be happier when you learn that the way to happiness in this life consists of knowing that God loves you!

God does love you. You are a special child of God.

Becoming better means living better

You will become a better person when you understand the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ is unique, because when someone understands it, it gives them the strength to become better.

You will finally obtain peace because the restored gospel of Jesus Christ gives answers to all the important questions --So how can you actually get peace? You have to understand the love of God and Jesus Christ as they want you to. This understanding and perspective you can only get from a meeting with us.

Learn simple steps to increase the influence of God in your life

The building or reinforcement of your relationship to Jesus Christ will be a very personal experience. In the holy scriptures, Jesus Christ and His apostles showed us many good examples and ways of how the followers of Christ can strengthen their faith and trust in .

Just like those apostles, we help people! Especially through teaching others how to pray, studying the scriptures, and teaching points of doctrine. We will help you find out what works for you best in order to develop. Everyone's way is different, and we are excited to see what awaits you on your journey!

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Whether you want to be happier or simply want to increase your spirituality, a meeting with us will help you out with that!

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