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Get into the Christmas spirit and attend our church services at this time of year! Find a Church in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Christ Child

Christmas 2023:
The Birth of Christ

We are so thankful for Jesus Christ and the oppourtunity to celebrate him this Christmas. This video was made by some of our missionaries to share their testimonies through music. We are pleased to share this wonderful celebration of Jesus Christ and his birth with you.

The Christ Child

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A free gift from us to you! Discover today how the Book of Mormon can change your life, too. Order your own today!

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This year we are bringing glad tidings of great joy! Meet with us anywhere you want in order to have a conversation about Jesus Christ, the Savior We would like to help you to feel the true spirit of Christmas, the spirit of Christ!

The Christ Child
The Christ Child

The Christ Child

Get closer to Jesus this Christmas season and watch this short film about His birth. Follow the example of the Savior and help others, how he did -- one after the other

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