Why does God let Bad Things Happen?

Dealing with the theodicy question.


"Why" is one of the most important questions we can ask.

The question "Why" gives us the opportunity to think and learn more. It helps us learn for ourselves and gain true knowledge and understanding.

God loves it when we ask Him "why." He wants us to become like Him and know all things, but a part of that is our own search after truth; often He doesn't give us everything immediately: sometimes we search for a very long time. The most precious truths require the most earnest studies.

God wants us to understand everything, but sometimes he lets us rely on faith. It is very important to him that we learn to trust and believe.

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Ask us your why-questions

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Why Trials Make You Strong

Have your trials ever helped you connect and emphasize with others who have faced similar challenges; have you seen others overcome the hardest part of life and have become stronger through their struggles and challenges?

The trials we face enable us to develop compassion for others and help us to do good. They enable us to truly be "willing to bear one another's burdens, so that they may become light" (Mosiah 18:8).

Think about natural disasters that have happened in the world. On social media, in the news, or even in your own community, do you remember how many people raised money, donated necessities, and provided whatever service they could to those in need?

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When bad things happen to us, they  deepen our empathy to act and serve because we know what others are going through. Jesus Christ suffered everything imaginable "so that his inner being might be filled with mercy" and so that he might know "how to [best] help his people" (Alma 7:12). Trials can open our eyes to the lives of the people around us.

They can enable us to show genuine compassion and love. They can refine us into more compassionate, empathetic, and influential people.

They can awaken in us a strong desire to serve and love.

The arms of the Savior are open

When you face tough challenges, when the winds life threatens to destroy you when you don't understand the reasons for your struggles, there is one thing you should always remember:

the arms of the Savior are open to receive you.

Perhaps one reason for the difficulties in our lives is that we should learn to rely on Jesus Christ. By doing so, we can understand Him better, build a relationship with Him, become more like Him, and fully understand that He truly sacrificed everything for us humans.

Yes, life can be hard. Really hard. When life knocks you down, turn to Jesus Christ and you will see that He is always there. He will always be there for you. He knows exactly what you are going through. He has felt it all before. He suffered everything for you in the Garden of Gethsemani and on the Cross - mental, physical and spiritual. All of it; everything pain we have had and every struggle we will have. He understands that. He will never abandon you.

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Why God often doesn’t interfere

An essential part of His plan is that each person has the freedom of choice; this means that we are able to make decisions for ourselves. Naturally, there are consequences to these choices, good and bad. Freedom of choice and accountability are necessary for our personal growth. He knows this and loves us; He normally doesn’t interfere with the consequences of our choices. If He forced us to make the right choices, it would be impossible for us to grow and reach our divine potential. It would be impossible to live by faith in Him and His plan.

This also means that God does not always intervene when others make bad choices. In those moments when their mistakes cause you pain, remember that God "will consecrate your tribulations for your benefit" (2 Nephi 2:2).

This world is hard; we live in a world where everyone is free to make their own choices. God loves all His children and allows them to make their own choices, even if their choices cause harm to others.

Often we want to say that everything happens for a reason, but sometimes things just happen because we are imperfect. This doesn't mean that God doesn't watch over us; He certainly does. It does mean, however, that sometimes He lets us feel the consequences.

Heavenly Father is in control

If you are still trying to find the answer to your question, "Why is God allowing this?" ask Him in sincere prayer to help you understand. You may not get the full answer right away, but He will help you find comfort and gradual understanding.

Take a moment to reflect on what you have learned from your struggles:

Recognize the moments when you truly understood someone else's suffering because of something you yourself faced? The moments of tragedy that motivated you to serve, the moments when the Savior carried you, and the moments when you realized that Heavenly Father knows you and will always be there to guide you.

Your answers are there.

Heavenly Father is in control of everything.

He has a plan for you and "in that day when the Lord shall come, he will reveal all things" (D&C 101:32). Despite all the questions we still have in this life, we can move forward with faith and peace knowing that we will understand everything one day. One day we will be able to look back on all of our struggles with gratitude because it helped us become exactly what we were meant to be.

Still asking the question "Why?"

Find answers through the Book of Mormon: Another Testimony for Jesus Christ.